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In I was raised in a house of water, juniper klatt finds openings to the cosmos in the humble and mundane. A rocking chair, a spider, a bell pepper – juniper sees them all as a spell for connection, healing, grieving, and a slow, rumbling transformation. juniper’s evocative language explores rooted, pulsing low notes and shimmering highs, and invites the reader to slow down, and pass through the looking glass into the magical moment of just right here, just right now.

Each verse feels like a soft whisper of an old friend
– C. Wess Daniels
It is a wild place she takes us, and it is filled with love
– Peg Edera
juniper  knows how to touch my soul to my toes
– Lori Williams
Poems that touch more deeply, soothe more gently, and challenge more aggressively
– Julian Phillip Doumit
juniper’s poetry opens doors in my own mind and heart
– Damon Motz-Storey
juniper klatt
I will write my
life as a poem

because poetry is
the only language
I know without

it is the way I
breathe, the way
I drink my tea
the way I watch
the sun rise and
sparkle in the